Stanol Body Research 50 mg/amp.

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Stanol Body Research 50 mg/amp.

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    Of little anabolic-androgenic steroids there is so much conflicting information than just a means of containing stanozolol. Someone enact them into the sky as a truly miraculous means, others argue that the doping consumers are totally uninteresting. It is hard for me to make a definite conclusion why (it might answer perhaps only consumers themselves Doping Control), but the truth is that it is a special agent already that exists in two forms - tablet and injection. Injectable addition allowed the dissolved active ingredient in the oil, as in the case of injectable anabolic-androgenic compositions of this type quite common, but in the water. It is argued that athletes appeared to him in the 80s and became infamous after the Olympics in Seoul, could ever abuse its peak runner Ben Johnson. Doping Control consumers from among bodybuilders certainly also do not have this resource away. You can just go into history and find you the information that just stanozolol caused disqualification Shawn Ray and King Nimrod in 1990 from bodybuilding competitions professionals (Arnold's Classic and Iron Man) the first attempt to introduce doping tests even in this group of athletes. These examples show that athletes seeking to increase their performance by using enhancing drugs nonetheless (unlike some experts) admit their effectiveness.

    Injectable stanozolol is available to foreign materials generally considered more effective than the oral form. The available materials are referred to the popularity of the facility for the consumers of doping does not change by the fact that the active substance is dissolved in water, resulting in the required application in short time frames. Stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, so that the flavored estrogens and rarely results in increased water retention. I therefore abused resides primarily in preparation for competition. In combination with other anabolic-androgenic agents reportedly in volume period produces good results in the increase of strength and quality muscle mass.    

    Side Effects

    Generally it is argued that a very slight negative effects, but in the case of prolonged misuse of funds could increase significantly. In this case, the common headache, increase in HDL and LDL, or an increase in blood pressure. Negative effect on the liver is conditional size abused benefits. Although there is no scientifically substantiated claim that the tablet form is less effective as a form of injection, the majority of consumers doping puts her hand into the fire that is so. It is believed that this view was created due to the difference in abuse dosage, which is in two different forms. In tablet form, given that it is 17-alpha-alkylated composition, doping consumers if they want to avoid severe liver damage, abuse inevitably reduced milligram daily dose. Side effects tablet form are adequate form of injection. But unanswered question is how the body of the athlete can sign a long-term abuse, or administration of massive doses of this agent.


    The available information indicates that the injection mold is being misused in preparation for competition in doses of 50 mg every other day or even daily (to be given and the application of 100 mg twice a week) most often in combination with androgéns means as itself reportedly does not sufficiently protect against muscle loss caused by a low-calorie diet and high intensity training. In these contexts are given a combination of means trenbolone acetate and trenbolone, methenolone enanthate, oxandrolone, fluoxymesterone, testosterone propionate and STH. In volume term itself does not cause a significant increase in muscle mass, but shows its effectiveness in conjunction with the means oxymetholone, testosterone-mix means and nandrolone decanoate and propionate. As is apparent from the above lines, doping sinners in the tablet form of abuse significantly lower dosage than the injectable form. The available information indicates that the daily amount, regardless of the training period is between 10-30 mg, and is divided into two daily doses.


    Injection ampoules containing 50 mg tablets containing 2 mg, 5 mg.

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