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Parabolan Hubei, Trenbolone acetate, 10mg/tab, 50 tablets

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    Parabolan Hubei according to available information, it is an anabolic steroid, although intended for veterinary use, but in the 80s are very frequent misuse of funds, mostly athletes in bodybuilding and power disciplines. Although the production of this composition have stopped in 1987, in the following years the market sporadically appeared as a means of increasing illegal gains in cattle with high anabolic potentials. Doping consumers have Trenbolone acetate found that the composition result in an increase strength without excessive weight gain, as it does not cause almost no water retention, which was advantageous if the competitor had to "squeeze" to a certain weight category. Those who use it report that its effects on strength development are fully comparable Trenbolone acetate with such means as oxymetholone, methandienone, testosterone or means. A special feature of trenbolone acetate was also that increase the metabolism of fat, and also in the bulk preparation was possible with its "in" to build big, strong Trenbolone acetate and hard muscles at the same time.

    Adverse Effects

    As it happens, each extremely Trenbolone acetate effective means abused by athletes is also characterized by extremely negative effects on the body. Neither the veterinary trenbolone acetate is no exception. Parabolan Hubei in the foreign literature it is mentioned high harmful to the kidneys - particularly for longer-term application or at higher doses. The classic expression of its "action" is a strong color of urine and blood in the kidney pain.

    Of course there are also androgenic contingent problems - acne, headache, enormous aggression and allegedly Trenbolone acetate even high blood pressure, which is surprising, not least because the agent does not cause water and salt retention.

    Abused Benefits

    The foreign material states that Doping sinners mostly applied 30-60 mg formulation every other day, often in combination with Trenbolone acetate another anabolic-androgenic agents (eg. Stanozolol, methandienone, oxymetholone). Parabolan Hubei in the foreign literature also identifies cases of abuse of testosterone-mix means which produced in a short time record gains not only in strength but also in the amount of muscle.

    Since trenbolone acetate is a health means many doping sinners after his withdrawal from the production presedlalo to the formulation comprising trenbolone.

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