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Methandienone LA Pharma 100 tabs (10mg/tab)

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    Therapeutic applications: those associated with a negative nitrogen balance, which is necessary to promote protein anabolism, or prevent the protein catabolism (from burns, by prolonged convalescence after serious operations, in infectious and febrile illness, etc..), In combination in the treatment of osteoporosis in women the treatment of severe breast cancer, adrenal androgen substitution in Addison's disease, in children the growth delay in puberty, supportive treatment of some chronic diseases, etc.


    This preparation was developed in the late 50s and in a short time became the most popular abused anabolic-androgenic agent athletes of different disciplines. Has a strong anabolic (as well as androgenic) effect, which is reflected in the rapid increase in strength and muscle mass. It is argued that in the first weeks of this composition can be recorded weekly 1-2 kg gain quality muscle, and this trend persists even 4-6 weeks. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that significantly improves the appetite. Flavored but very easily, which means that the bulk is converted to estrogen, which causes the typical problems specific to the use of compositions of this type. Moreover, belonging to the group of 17-alpha-alkylated steroids, of which it is clear that it is highly toxic to the liver. The anabolic potential consumers, there is still information from one study to methandienone - it was confirmed that after 10 days of intake 10 mg dose there is a reduction of natural testosterone production by 40%, so there is no wonder, after its discontinuation recorded fast loss of power, but also the weight. Is caused not only due mainly excreted methandienone water retention, but also very slow return to normal levels in the body's own production of testosterone. Finally something from therapeutic practice - efficiency means increasing calcium and vitamin D, while reducing it tetracyclines.

    Half Life

    3-5 hours


    3-6 tabs(30-60mg) per day

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