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Subname: Salbutamol 4mg

Contents: 4mg / tablet Salbutamol (100 tablets)

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    The use of salbutamol in sports and in bodybuilding is already achieved. Its administration as a thermogenic substance must be done during the cutting or PCT period.

    The functioning of Salbutamol Tablets Swiss Remedies is rather complex: beta-2 receptors are the regulators of the fat decomposition process. So in stimulants, SALBUTAMOL will facilitate the release and use of lipids for energy purposes.

    One of the most effective methods for promoting rapid fat loss is indeed increased beta-adrenergic receptor activation. Activation of these beta adrenergic receptors increases the rate of metabolism and may reduce the appetite. All of these effects generally improve fat loss.

    Salbutamol Tablets Swiss Remedies dosage is between 16 mg and 24 mg per day. For the most experienced athletes and with long-time practice, 24mg is highly effective. The catch cycle will usually be 14 days, 21 days for athletes. Catches must be gradual. E.g. For the maximum dose of 24 mg / day, the first three days use 8 mg. Then 12 mg the following three days (J4 / J5 / J6). Increase the dose to 16mg on the seventh, eighth and ninth days. Go to 24mg for the rest of the treatment.

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