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Product subname: Stanozolol suspension U.S.P. 50mg

Contents: 50mg/1ml Stanozolol Injectable (10x1ml amp)

Chemical names: 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-N,N-dimethyl-α-(2-methylpropyl)-cyclobutanemethanamine hydrochloride monohydrate

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    Stanozolol injectable description: Nearly no anabolic-androgenic steroid exists as much contradictory information as to compositions containing stanozolol. Some people bring them to heaven as truly miraculous means, others say they are absolutely uninteresting for doping consumers. I find it hard to make a clear conclusion on why (to which only the doping drinkers might respond) could be answered, but the truth is that it is a special device because it exists in two forms - tablet and injection. Moreover, the injection mold does not have a dissolved active ingredient in the oil, as it is in the case of injectable anabolic-androgenic compositions of this type almost the rule but in water.

    The injectable form of stanozolol is generally considered to be more effective than oral form in available foreign materials. Among the available materials, there is no mention of the fact that the active substance is dissolved in water, which makes it necessary to apply it in short time periods. Stanozolol is derived from dihydrotestosterone, so it does not naturalize to estrogens and only rarely causes increased water retention. Therefore, he is abused primarily in preparation for the competition. In combination with other anabolic-androgenic agents, it also produces good results in the increase in strength and good muscle mass in the volume period.

    In general, Stanozolol injectable is claimed to have very slight negative effects, but may increase significantly in the case of long-term misuse of the device. In this case, common headaches, elevations of HDL and LDL, or increased blood pressure are common. The negative influence on the liver is conditioned by the amount of the abusive dose. Although there is no scientifically substantiated claim that the tablet form is less effective than the injectable form, most doping drinkers put their hand in the fire that it is. It is believed that this view was created in view of the difference in abusive dosing, which is different in both forms. In tablet form, since it is a 17-alpha-alkylated composition, doping users, in order to avoid severe hepatic damage, are misusing milligram-reduced daily doses.

    The side effects of Stanozolol injectable form are adequate forms of injection. It is, however, an irresponsible question as to how the athlete's body can sign long-term misuse or massive doses of this remedy.

    Stanozolol injectable abuse dosages: Based on the available information, the injection form is misused in preparation for 50 mg every other day or daily (the administration of 100 mg twice a week is also indicated) most often in combination with more androgenic agents because it is self- it does not adequately protect the muscle mass from loss caused by a low calorie diet and high training intensity. In these contexts, combinations with trenbolone and trenbolone acetate, methenolone enanthate, oxandrolone, fluoxymesterone, testosterone propionate and STH are reported.

    In volume terms, Stanozolol injectable does not in itself cause a significant increase in muscle mass, but its effectiveness is shown in conjunction with oxymetholone, testosterone-mix formulations and nandrolone decanoate and propionate. As indicated above, doping sinners in tablet form abuse a significantly lower dosage than in the form of an injection. Available information indicates that the daily amount, regardless of the preparation period, ranges from 10-30 mg divided into two daily doses.

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