Norditropin SimpleXx 10 mg/1,5 ml - 30 I.U

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Norditropin SimpleXx 10 mg/1,5 ml = 30 I.U

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    Therapeutic Application

    Pituitary dwarfism in children before the end of the growth phase (ie before closure of epiphyses), Turner syndrome, tested at patients with hypopituitarism, to promote healing of fractures.


    It is a paradox that this is clearly the most expensive means to include the most discussed pharmaceutical product with which to illegally athletes increase their performance. There is general recognition that growth hormones are mass abused in almost every sport sector due to their absolute can not be detected in doping controls. Of course, that depends on a misuse of the sports industry and the effect you want by using diversionary doping. However, we can clearly say that among bodybuilders has great popularity as in the bulk preparation, as well as in preparation for the competition. There are proponents and opponents of this composition - Some argue that it represents compensation for anabolic-androgenic steroids wherever requirements are large and strong muscle, others support the idea of ​​absolute inefficiency in the process of improving athletic performance. What is growth hormone? Is a polypeptide hormone composed of 191 amino acids. Is produced by the pituitary gland - after training, stress, low blood sugar in, but also during sleep. GH itself has no direct effect, but stimulates the liver to produce and secretion of insulin like growth factors and somatomedins, which calls for changes in the body. The liver is not bounded by the possibility of producing these substances, because their effect is limited.

    Adverse Effects

    It is true that in its application it is not elevated estrogen levels, gynekomostia, reducing endogenous testosterone production, acne, alopecia, increased retention of salt, water, etc. The main danger is perhaps significant reduction in hyperglycemia and thyroid function, enlargement of the heart and internal organs, acromegaly and gigantism, but only if the consumer with a doping yet closed growth of cartilage bones. Recently, however, the information comes also that in cases of prolonged massive administration of GH, there is also the possibility of initiating leukemia.

    Abused Benefits

    The available material suggests that the size and duration of misuse of applications is very diverse, but mostly limited - finances. The results of applications are better to-day quantity not applied at once, but in several divided doses. Time during which GH is administered, does not drop below 6 weeks (its effect does not decrease even after long-term effect and that, even after several months of administration to produce the desired effect with the same dose as in the beginning of application). If you are searching for the answer to the daily dose, in accessible materials for realistic minimum is considered to 4-8 IU daily administration STH.

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